Live Sound International – October 2018

A Classic Summer Sequel

By PSW Staff October 4, 2018

This issue of Live Sound International delivers Part 1 on the psychoacoustics of IEM mixing, a behind the scenes look at the Steve Miller Band-Peter Frampton tour and must-have tools for pros.

As always, there’s much more.  Enjoy the issue!

Keeping It Real
Backstage class on Part 1 of the psychoacoustics in IEM mixing and the technology to take it to the next level.

A Classic Summer Sequel
An engineer takes us behind the scenes on the Steve Miller Band-Peter Frampton tour.

Desert Isle – A Roundtable Discussion
The must-have-it tools of the pro audio trade.

From the Outset
Strategies for success with source input mixing.

A Tale of Two Gigs
Embracing the variety inherent in the audio profession.


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