Live Sound International – March 2019

Merging Science & Art

By PSW Staff March 7, 2019

This month’s issue focuses on the process it takes to bring new audio devices and technologies to market, ways to conduct truly useful listening tests and the cutting edge practices of systems engineer Liam Halpin.  As always, there’s much more.   Enjoy the issue!

The Right Tilt

A discussion of system tuning approaches and preferences.

Merging Science & Art

Can anyone catch up with systems engineer (and more) Liam Halpin?

Business Matters

The process of bringing new pro audio products to life.

A Minimalist Approach

Effectively employing just one effect in the mix.

Up To The Task?

Can GEQ be effectively employed for system optimization?

Discerning Differences

How to conduct proper and useful listening tests.

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