Live Sound International – March 2018

Delivering The Unique Sonic Experience Of The Pixies

By PSW Staff March 9, 2018

Should the least-used instruments get the most of your attention in sound check? By Ales Stefancic
Delivering the unique sonic experience of the Pixies in the live realm. By Keith Clark
Clarifying designs and applications of direct (DI) boxes. By Jonah Altrove
Exploring microphone comb filtering and flanging. By Bruce Bartlett
The right blend of education and performance at Rock City. By Kevin Young
Applications of IEM systems and personal mixers, and a look at current models. ByLive Sound Staff
Addressing analog electronic transmission in our ongoing series audio fundamentals. By Bob McCarthy
Where do you want to go and how are you getting there? By Karl Winkler
The myriad applications of point source loudspeakers. By Craig Leerman
Professional Wireless Systems tames the RF landscape. By Gregory A. DeTogne
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