Live Sound International December 2017

Sound Design For Star Wars With The New York Philharmonic Orchestra

By PSW Staff December 7, 2017

This issue of Live Sound International features a noteworthy and unusual cover story detailing a recent sound reinforcement application with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra presentation of Star Wars at the Lincoln Center. And be sure to checkout our in depth articles on the latest software advancements for digital consoles and “on the fly” microphone techniques to use with drum kits. As always, there’s much more.

Backstage Class
The perils of confusing amplifier ratings and SPL specs.

Delivering The Experience
The system design and deployment for Star Wars with the New York Philharmonic.

Proficient Teamwork
Partnering for production success in The Netherlands.

The Right Match
Is “digital” audio cable required for digital audio interfaces?

Persistent Progress
Recent developments in digital console software, firmware and apps.

Driving Designs
Key compression and cone driver parameters and a look at recent models.

Necessity, Invention and All That
On the fly microphone techniques to capture the drum kit.

Mind the Gap
Looking into inverted stack cardioid subwoofer configurations.

Ashly Audio DIGIMIX24
Checking out a recently released compact digital mixer.


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