Live Sound International – August 2018

Dueling Guitars: Techniques for blending one or more players into the mix.

By PSW Staff August 3, 2018

This issue of Live Sound International features techniques for blending one or more guitar players into the mix along with the sonic happenings on the summer festival scene, and veteran engineer, Dave Natale discusses his favorite recording.

Front Lines

Ear training methodology: perception, EQ, feedback and other key aspects.


Sharing lessons learned by validating console EQ.

Dueling Guitars

Options for blending one or more players in the mix.

On The Right Track

A veteran engineer discusses his favorite recording and related matters.

Ask Jonah

Examining the differences between a subgroup and a VCA.


A collection of advice for audio and life success.

Reality Check

Comparing a host of measurement microphones.

Real World Gear

Column loudspeaker design as well as the latest models.

Tech Topic

Part 3 in an ongoing series on essential fundamentals focuses on audio summation.

Backstage Class

Paying attention around the edges of the show.

Sound Advice

A primer on small stage generators for audio applications.

Road Test

Checking out the new Allen & Heath SQ-7 digital console.

In Full Swing

The sonic happenings on the summer festival scene.

New Directions

Joining forces to create a new audio training program.


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