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Church Sound September 2016 Issue

Brought to you by the editors of Live Sound International

By PSW Staff September 1, 2016

In This Issue:



  • 12 NEVER-ENDING QUEST by M. Erik Matlock
    The journey of church tech and AV integrator Tony Hill.
  • 30 THAT MODERN CHURCH SOUND by Samantha Potter
    Tips for dialing it in, instrument by instrument.



  • 6 PERSPECTIVE by Andrew Stone
    Excelling at the invisible helps in building visible quality.
  • 8 KNOWLEDGE BASE by Mike Sessler
    Presenting a successful loudspeaker system demonstration.
  • 16 AT THE SOURCE by Curt Taipale
    The advantages of earset andheadworn microphones.
  • 20 MIX ESSENTIALS by John Mills
    Don’t overlook the impact of high-pass filtering in your mixes.
  • 24 UPFRONT by Bruce Badger
    Helping drummers understand their roll within the band and in worship.
  • 26 GEAR NOTES by Craig Leerman
    A detailed primer on mixing console form and function.
  • 32 Z’S CORNER by Gary Zandstra
    Techniques and ideas for enhancing the sound of choirs.
  • 34 STRAIGHT PATH by Mike Sokol
    A simple way to provide audio feeds for video cameras and more.
  • 36 FUNDAMENTALS by Chris Huff
    Eight important things to include in the live audio toolbox.
  • 38 SPONSORED CONTENT by Jim Lappin
    Are 2.4 GHz digital systems a viable alternative?



  • 4 ED NOTE
  • 40 THE WRAP
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