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Church Sound October 2017 Issue

A special supplement focused key issues for worship audio practitioners brought to you by the editors of Live Sound International

By PSW Staff October 11, 2017

In This Issue:


Doing the Homework In pursuing a quality mix, especially in church, nothing can be overlooked. By Andrew Stone

Attention to Detail Exploring an important route in the path to tech excellence. By Samantha Potter


6 Perspective Understanding the difference between phase and polarity, and why it matters. by Curt Taiple

8 Transmissions Key wireless system factors regardless of the frequency situation. by Chris Huff

12, 36 Project Profiles A look inside several recent worship system projects. by Church Sound Staff

22 Straight Path Ways to thrive (and sometimes survive) when tablet mixing.s. by Mike Sokol

26 Insight So you want to host concerts at your church? by M. Erik Matlock

30 Knowledge Base approaches and best practices in flying loudspeakers. by Craig Leerman

36 Product Spotlight Recently introduced audio technologies for worship applications. by Church Sound Staff


4 Ed note 

40 The Wrap

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