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Church Sound June 2017 Issue

A special supplement focused key issues for worship audio practitioners brought to you by the editors of Live Sound International

By PSW Staff June 7, 2017

In This Issue:


24 A Wonderful Responsibility The growing world of sound tech and mentor Chris Huff. by M. Erik Matlock

32 The Glory Of Strings Optimizing string instruments in concert-level performances. by Andrew Stone


6 Insight Attention wireless systems users: the RF picture has come into focus. by Church Sound Staff

8 Perspective Attaining the right balance in matters of tech and life. by M. Erik Matlock

10 Mix Essentials Tips and techniques to improve the live worship mix. by Mike Sokol

20 Knowledge Base Guidance in the sometimes daunting loudspeaker selection process. by Mike Sessler

28 Upfront Proper placement of the console/mix position within the sanctuary. by Curt Taipale

30 Fundamentals Ten ways to bring speed and efficiency to worship setup. by Chris Huff

36 Product Focus Recently introduced audio technologies for worship applications. by Church Sound Staff

38 Z’s Corner The value of accentuating the sounds that a band is already producing on stage. by Gary Zandstra


4 From The Editor
16, 34 Project Profiles
40 The Wrap

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