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Church Sound June 2016 Issue

Brought to you by the editors of Live Sound International

By PSW Staff June 1, 2016

In This Issue:



  • 6 IS SOUND SUBJECTIVE? by Mike Sessler
    Going beyond the obvious to a deeper discussion.
  • 24 THE RIGHT FIT by Erik Matlock
    Andrew Stone: injecting a passion that translates to production success.



  • 12 KNOWLEDGE BASE by Curt Taipale
    Are your loudspeakers broken? The answer is often “yes.”
  • 16 PROJECT PROFILES by Church Sound Staff
    Details on a diverse range of recent church sound system installations.
  • 20 STRAIGHT PATH by Chris Huff
    A logical, intuitive approach to setting up the mixing board.
  • 28 FUNDAMENTALS by Craig Leerman
    Microphone techniques for a wide range of instruments.
  • 36 TROUBLESHOOTING by Mike Sokol
    Identifying and correcting troublesome noises in sound systems.
  • 38 TRANSMISSIONS by Mike Sessler
    Producing quality voice-based podcasts of sermons and more.
  • 42 MIX ESSENTIALS by John Mills
    The beginning of the path to becoming a master of EQ.
  • 44 Z’S CORNER by Gary Zandstra
    Not so random musings about sonic imaging and in-ear monitors.



  • 4 ED NOTE
  • 48 THE WRAP
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