Live Sound International – January 2018

Sonic Transparency Reigns On Tour With Alison Krauss

By PSW Staff January 5, 2018

Your January issue of LiveSound International is now available for your reading enjoyment.

In this issue:

SPECIAL REPORT The latest on the RF/wireless system picture as we head into the new year.

ORGANIC COMPOSITION Sonic transparency reigns on tour with Alison Krauss.

IN FOCUS Advice about microphones in the live recording quest.

REAL WORLD GEAR Capabilities of compact digital consoles and mixers and a look at recent models.

BACKSTAGE CLASS Factors contributing to how sound behaves in the great outdoors.

FRONT LINES Practical approaches for successful monitoring with wedges.

OUTLOOK Politics, religion and… microphones? Avoiding the trap.

SOUND ADVICE The where, how and why of delay loudspeakers.

ROAD TEST Evaluating the new Lectrosonics Duet digital wireless IFB/IEM system.

IN PROFILE The life and times of front of house engineer/tour manager Chez Stock.

HYPERREALISTIC SOUNDSCAPE Launching a new immersive reinforcement concept in North America.

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