Architectural Acoustics By Peavey Debuts New Digitools

Architectural Acoustics by Peavey will debut several all-new products at InfoComm 2010 including three newly redesigned and reengineered models of the Peavey AA Digitool Multiprocessor: The MX16, the MX32, and the LIVE.

The MX16 features 8 inputs and 8 outputs, while the MX32 features 16 inputs and 16 outputs, and the LIVE features 8 balanced XLR inputs and outputs for live sound FOH applications.

The new Digitools include an updated, more powerful DSP engine, full color LCD screen, enhanced front panel navigation, individual input and output mutes, and 5 segment LED arrays for input and output signal monitoring.

In addition, the new series of processors include a USB port on the front for programming and an Ethernet port on the back for either programming or connecting to a network.

The back panel include 8 control voltage ports and 2 RS 485 ports, allowing for more external control than the original Digitool MX. All three include a global 100-240V power supply.

“Our new Digitool models represent a new direction for the Architectural Acoustics line, and we are excited to debut all the new versions of one of our most popular products,” said Kevin Ivey, General Manager of Peavey’s Commercial Audio division.

“The new Digitools share a technology platform with our world-class MediaMatrix NION DSP engine, opening a new world of possibilities for integration of the Digitool with MediaMatrix projects.”

Updated Features:
     – Improved dynamic range
     – Improved mic/line input circuitry
     – Enhanced navigation
     – Full-color LCD display
     – Individual front panel mute for each input and output
     – 5 segment LED meters for each input and output
     – USB port for external programming and firmware updating
     – Rear panel Ethernet port for network, programming and control
     – 8 control voltage ports
     – AES input
     – 3.81 mm euro connectors (XLR for the Live)
     – Upgraded and more powerful DSP processing
     – Enhanced security system
     – New graphical user interface featuring Media Matrix N-Ware

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