Apogee Electronics Debuts Clearmountain’s Spaces Reverb Plugin

Designed to reproduce Clearmountain's personalized workflow for creating the distinctive spaces where his mixes live.
Apogee Plugins
A screenshot of the new Clearmountain Spaces reverb plugin available from Apogee Electronics.

Bob Clearmountain has teamed up with Apogee Electronics again to create the new Clearmountain’s Spaces reverb plugin that’s designed to reproduce the noted engineer/producer’s personalized workflow for creating the distinctive spaces where his mixes live.

Rather than rely on commonly available reverb effects, Clearmountain has relied on physical rooms and chambers for realistic and unique reverb. Once convolution reverb technology allowed him to “capture” the characteristics of his favorite rooms as digital impulse response files, he could use all of his favorite spaces no matter their location. With Clearmountain’s Spaces, you now have access to the very same impulse response room profiles used on countless hit mixes.

The new plugin also incorporates flexible input signal processing for shaping the sound before it hits the Spaces – three-band EQ, de-essing, and pre-delay. The final stage of Clearmountain’s spatial workflow is a technique called “Composite Spaces” – mixing and layering Spaces of different timbral characteristics and decay times for added personalization.

Clearmountain’s Spaces is available from the Apogee website and authorized Apogee dealers at a price of $49 (U.S.).

Apogee Electronics

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