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Aphex Introduces New USB 500 Configurable Rack

Aphex USB 500 can be either a USB interface for a DAW or conventional 500 series rack

Aphex has introduced the USB 500 Rack, a four-slot API 500 Series rack that offers users considerable flexibility.

The USB 500 can function as a USB interface, allowing users to connect their 500 Series modules to their favorite digital audio workstation via USB.

For instance, the USB 500 could be loaded with up to four mic pre-amps, with signals sent to the DAW via USB, and played back through the monitor section of the rack, which features volume, mono/stereo and dim controls as well as headphone output using Aphex HeadPod technology.

Any configuration of processors installed in the rack can be applied as inserts into a DAW via USB. A user can load the rack with a combination of, for instance, compressors and EQs, and connect them through USB into DAW channel inserts.

This high degree of flexibility allows the Aphex USB 500 Rack to act as a computer audio interface, or as a set of inserts into a DAW, always monitoring the DAW from the monitor section of the rack. It can also function as a conventional analog rack.

In either mode users can chain the modules into a channel strip or link adjacent modules for stereo operation.

The new Aphex USB 500 will be available Quarter 2 of 2013 at a U.S. MSRP of $949.



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