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Aphex / H.E.A.R. Auction Culminates At AES

The auction proceeds benefit H.E.A.R and its ongoing education programs promoting hearing awareness.

Aphex General Manager Rick McClendon met with H.E.A.R. Co-Founder and Executive Director Kathy Peck at the Audio Engineering Society Convention at San Francisco’s Moscone Center to congratulate the organization on the success of H.E.A.R.‘s recent charity auction.

Aphex has donated several of their professional audio products to be sold on H.E.A.R.‘s eBay auction site, with the proceeds of the sales going to benefit H.E.A.R. (Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers) and its ongoing education programs promoting hearing awareness.

The online auction, sponsored by H.E.A.R. and hosted on the foundation’s eBay store, began in mid-October and continues through November.

Items still available include two Aphex Model 454 HeadPod Headphone Amps. Proceeds of the sales of these products will help to raise needed funds for the non-profit organization.

“Aphex’s generous donation has helped to raise valuable funding for our programs,” said H.E.A.R.‘s Kathy Peck.

“The company has played a legendary role in the creation of so many classic recordings, and it’s heartening to know that they’re there for us in our efforts to educate musicians and music fans about the importance of hearing protection.”

“I really can’t think of many other organizations that speak more directly to our industry and our users than H.E.A.R.,” said McClendon.

“Through their educational outreach efforts, H.E.A.R. has helped to save so many musicians and music fans from irreversible hearing damage, adding years to their enjoyment of music and sound. It’s a great cause, and one we look forward to continuing to support.”

To bid on the remaining Aphex items visit the H.E.A.R. eBay store.

H.E.A.R. Website

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