AMFG Granted Patent For Real Time Technology In SysTune Measurement Platform

Patents in the U.S. and Germany have been granted to AFMG for Real Time Deconvolution technology in SysTune measurement software. Further patents are pending.

Real Time Deconvolution algorithms are the significant factor in SysTune’s high-level performance at impulse response processing, delivering full-length impulse responses and other measurement data derived from them in real time.

“An impulse response,” explains Stefan Feistel, managing director of AFMG, “contains all the information that can be derived from the measurement of a linear, time-invariant system, such as loudspeaker systems, rooms and the like. Magnitude and phase transfer functions can be extracted from an impulse response just as all parameters of electro and room acoustics.

“In order to evaluate STI, RT, C50 or many other parameters of room acoustics, you need to have a full-length impulse response – and SysTune is the only software able to deliver this in real time.”

Developers at AFMG have been working on the topic of room impulse responses for three decades. With the rise of computer processing power, SysTune has been the first real-time audio measurement program to deliver fluent, continuous and reliable results without the need for error-prone, manual delay tweaking.

Refinement of SysTune’s algorithms led to the filing of the patents in 2007 that have now been granted.

What makes the real-time processing of full-length impulse responses so special and important?

Any measurement that is not full-length will not contain all the information necessary to describe the acoustic conditions of the system under test. Imagine measuring in a large hall during a concert. Everybody knows you will need to use live audio with a dual-channel FFT to do the job.

Few people, however, know that each measurement cycle needs to be as long as the complete decay of sound in the room in order to fully describe it. SysTune´s patented algorithms are the only ones able to perform such measurements and calculations in real time. Many other approaches either lose information or cannot be performed in real time.

AFMG has recently released a free upgrade to SysTune, giving users access to more new features. The web interface for remote control from virtually any modern smartphone or mobile device has been celebrated among SysTune users as a big time-saver.

The delay analysis plug-in provides exceptional power to users with little experience in setting up sub / top or main / delay systems while opening a wide range of extra opportunities to professional system technicians.

German Patent: 10 2007 031 677
US Patent: 8,208,647


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