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Alteros GTX Series L.A.W.N. System Chosen For NAB IP Showcase

Wireless microphone system to be in-use by all presenters at the NAB IP Innovation Showcase stage at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

At the upcoming 2018 NAB Show in Las Vegas (April 9-12, 2018), the GTX Series L.A.W.N. (Local Area Wireless mic Network) 6.5 GHz Ultra-Wideband (UWB) system from Alteros (booth C6012), an Audio-Technica company, has been chosen to be the wireless system employed at the IP Showcase (including the IP Showcase Theater), located in the Las Vegas Convention Center, Central Hall, booth C12634.

All the presenters will use the Alteros GTX24 beltpack with directional headworn microphones supplied by DPA.

The Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS) and the International Association for Broadcast & Media Technology Suppliers (IABM) requested the GTX Series L.A.W.N. system specifically because it operates outside of the congested UHF spectrum, with no frequency coordination or frequency interference by the huge amount of RF that will be circulating in the hall during NAB.

Additionally, the system was chosen because it is a fully digital system that connects to the IP Showcase’s AES67 network. This year’s IP Showcase features over 60 manufacturers, and eight of the industry’s premier standards bodies and trade alliances have come together to demonstrate the benefits and practicality of moving to IP workflows, all leveraging the new SMPTE ST 2110 standard and AMWA NMOS specifications.

Rounding out the IP experience, the IP Showcase Theater, curated by IABM, will provide educational opportunities through non-stop presentations covering the full gamut of knowledge for real-time IP production and intra-facility distribution. The sound system for the theater will be an all-digital configuration in order to demonstrate a real-world practical setup of an entirely networked system. Everything between the mics and the PA amps is digital and running on an AES67 network, with the Alteros GTX L.A.W.N. as the master clock.

To increase the benefits and educational value of the live showcase, AIMS/IABM is recording all the presentations. In support of this, in addition to the GTX L.A.W.N. system, Alteros is supplying two Audio-Technica System 10 PRO rack-mount digital wireless systems with handheld microphones for audience questions, as well as an assortment of Audio-Technica hard-wired microphones that will be employed for ambient/audience recording.

“We are extremely pleased to have Alteros chosen as the wireless microphone system of choice for this year’s IP Showcase and IP Showcase Theater,” states Jackie Green, Alteros president and CTO. “The IP Showcase provides attendees with a real-world experience of the creative benefits of IP, and as part of that, they needed a plug-and-play system that could perform flawlessly in a crowded RF environment, and our GTX system fit the bill.”

The product of seven years of dedicated research and development, during which it underwent real-world testing in conjunction with major broadcasters and wireless audio professionals, the GTX Series system offers several significant benefits. It operates far beyond the UHF and VHF television bands, requires no frequency coordination, license, database registration or STA, and does not cause interference or create intermodulation products. The system is ideal for studio-to-studio operation since it emits less intentional radiation than the typical PC and will not interfere with surrounding signals.

The GTX Series system is currently available with three key components: the GTX3224 control unit, GTX24 body-pack transmitter and GTX32 transceiver. The GTX24-HHP (performer handheld) and GTX24-HHB (broadcast handheld) transmitters will be available in Q3 of 2018. No additional filters, combiners or distribution amplifiers are required.

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The GTX3224 simultaneously supports up to 24 channels, an additional 24 channels of talkback audio, and eight group assignment channels in just 3U of rack space. The unit features MADI, Dante and AES67 digital outputs that are all available simultaneously and allow for seamless integration with IP-based infrastructures. Fiber outputs support long-distance runs. The 7-inch front-panel touchscreen provides access to system settings, monitoring tools, performance reports and other controls.

Up to 32 GTX32 transceivers may be deployed, connecting to the GTX3224 over standard shielded Cat 5 cable, which is operational to 1,000 feet. The GTX Series system’s management software maximizes operational efficiency, enabling users to set up and confirm operation of 32 transceivers and 24 transmitters in only a few hours.

Broadcast-friendly features of the GTX3224 control unit include two separate and fully redundant AC power supplies and the ability to synchronize directly to the house clock, with failover to an accurate internal clock. The front-panel GUI offers a real-time battery gauge that displays the remaining operational time for each transmitter and additionally allows users to set custom battery level alerts.

The unit may be remotely monitored and controlled from a PC or computer network and offers a timestamped event logger tool that can track and record the performance of every GTX32 and GTX24 for up to one month.