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Allen & Heath SQ-7 Mixer

Powered by Allen & Heath’s revolutionary XCVI 96kHz FPGA engine, SQ-7 is built for professionals in the most demanding live sound applications. Delivering class-leading high resolution audio with an ultra-low <0.7ms latency, the SQ-7 gives you unrivaled power and audio fidelity. Complete with 32 onboard preamps, 8 stereo FX engines, access to the acclaimed RackExtra FX library, and12 stereo mixes (configurable as groups or auxes). The perfect companion for in-ear monitoring setups, with Automatic Mic Mixing for multi-mic environments.

  • Recipient of the 34th annual TEC Award for outstanding achievement in Small Format console technology.
  • DEEP plugins can be embedded directly within the mixer’s inputs and mix channels, all without adding system latency or setup hassles.
  • Every one of the 48 inputs has HPF, a super-fast gate with sidechain and filter, a musical 4-band parametric equalizer, and Peak/RMS compressor for control and shaping of levels and transients.
  • Thanks to its SLink intelligent port, SQ can also be expanded up to a total of 48 mic inputs via a family of 96kHz and 48kHz rack and stage box expanders (e.g. AB168, AR2412, AR84 and DX168, GX4816), making it a flexible, mix ‘n’ match solution for owners of other Allen & Heath digital systems.
  • SQ’s dashboard is centred around a high-res 7” capacitive touchscreen, framed by an array of high-grip, illuminating encoders to create an intuitive, integrated blend of clear visual feedback and immediate, hands-on control.
  • It’s compatible with leading audio networking standards too – add an audio networking card such as Dante or Waves to SQ’s I/O port and you’re ready to integrate with installed systems, provide a digital FoH / Monitor split and more.
  • The integrated SQ-Drive makes it quick and easy to capture a 96kHz multitrack or stereo recording of the show direct to a USB key or drive.
  • SQ is fully compatible with the ME Personal Mixing System, allowing the performers to take control of their own monitor mixes.

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