Allen & Heath Releases New V1.5 Firmware For SQ Series Mixers

Provides new RTA options, recording/playback on USB drives, workflow enhancements and more.
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New V1.5 firmware for the Allen & Heath SQ Series.

Allen & Heath has launched V1.5 firmware for its 96 kHz SQ Series mixers that includes new RTA options, 32-channel recording/playback on USB drives and workflow enhancements such as DCA spills and new FX add-ons.

“With SQs used at all levels from clubs to arenas, we get so much great feedback from users and this latest release delivers some of the most popular requests,” says SQ product manager Keith Johnson. “It’s really a thank you from us to all our SQ customers — and there’s plenty more to come.”

Specifically, the upgrade offers independent RTA for per channel use. Meters RTA offers PAFL or fixed source, stereo 31-band or mono 61-band modes, display and averaging options, max/peak indication (with “hold” possible), prominent frequency indication and an LF damping option.

Channel RTA provides display on PEQ and GEQ processing screens, the ability to follow selection on the console, an SQ-MixPad or both, a fixed channel option, auto leveling showing useful information, display and averaging options, max/peak indication and more.

New workflow options for DCA-centric mixing include the option to instantly “spill” DCA members across channel strips and layers as well as to jump in and out of DCA spill for a faster workflow, an on-screen spill indication, and SoftKey options for individual DCAs.

In addition, there are more SQ-Drive channels, with sample rate conversion added for both USB connections. Capabilities include a new 48 kHz option added for SQ-Drive and USB-B, record or playback up to 32 channels using SQ-Drive as well as record only patched channels to save on storage space, and a new USB input/output meters page.

Filtering is addressed as well, with HPF and LPF added as options on all input and output PEQs and new slope settings for dedicated input HPF

New RackFX add-ons, available from, include:

Hypabass. A low distortion sub-harmonic synthesizer that can generate infra (18 to 36 Hz) and sub bass (36 to 70 Hz) from sources with a weaker low end

Bucket Brigade. Stereo analog delay model with the signal degradation and feedback non-linearities of vintage bucket brigade chip technology

Echo. Reproduction of the classic tape echo unit, including harmonic content when driven, record head saturation and frequency warping when adjusting repeat rate.

And more — go here for additional information and to download the new firmware version.

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