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All Pro Integrated Systems Implements Danley For Florida Church’s New Sanctuary

Dual Danley SH96HO loudspeakers operating in stereo, supplemented by three Danley SH95HOs for down fill and center fill, delivering main coverage to 550-capacity auditorium.
Danley loudspeakers are flown above the platform to deliver reinforcement at Wellspring Community Church.

All Pro Integrated Systems (based in Pensacola, FL) recently implemented a sound reinforcement system headed by Danley Sound Labs components to serve congregations attending services at the new worship sanctuary of Wellspring Community Church in Ruskin, FL.

“You can tell a successful church just from the vibe,” says Mark Salamone, sales manager at All Pro Integrated Systems. “The first time I visited Wellspring Community Church in Ruskin, Florida, they had a red movie theater carpet, velvet ropes, popcorn, and Star Wars stuff for the kids. There were a lot of young families, and it felt progressive and brimming with good energy.

“The service was amazing – full hands-in-the-air singing from everyone led by a charismatic pastor and a praise band loaded with talented musicians,” he continues. “The sound system was just OK, but Preston Eaves, technical arts director, was squeezing everything he could out of it. In terms of community service, Wellspring made it clear that they weren’t just talking the talk – they are actively working to improve access to the material and spiritual needs of the community.”

Salamone ttended that service in anticipation of Wellspring’s move to the new, larger sanctuary from a smaller one with a capacity of about 180, where congregants were regularly overflowing into the lobby even though the church was holding five services every weekend.

“We could see where we were at and where we were going, and a bigger space was definitely needed,” Eaves explains. “Our new sanctuary seats 550. We have a high-energy praise band with drums, bass, acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, organs, and a slew of vocals. The music is progressive and modern, with a Hillsong Worship kind of vibe. I got in touch with Mark and the folks at All Pro Integrated Systems a little over a year-and-a-half before the new sanctuary was supposed to be completed. I thought I was getting a jump on things but came to realize that I had actually set myself up for a time crunch.”

Eaves had heard of Danley, but he had never actually heard any of the company’s systems. Coincidentally, Chris Bencsik of Bencsik Associates was arranging a demo with two Danley three-way SH96 loudspeakers and a Danley TH118 subwoofer at nearby Grace Family Church, and Eaves attended. “It was an installed system from another manufacturer that everyone respects up against a very small Danley system by comparison,” Eaves says. “They did a classic A-B bouncing between the two systems. Danley clearly outperformed the installed system – the difference was night and day. Everyone in attendance agreed. After hearing that Danley demo, how could we go with anything else?!”

The All Pro Integrated Systems engineering team worked with Danly to model the system for Wellspring’s new sanctuary, and subsequently installed it. It incorporates two Danley SH96HO loudspeakers operating in stereo, supplemented by three Danley SH95HOs for down fill and center fill. Two Danley DBH218 subwoofers bolster the low end, and three 4-channel Danley DNA 20k4 Pro amplifiers with DSP drive the loudspeakers.

“Knowing our church and (maybe a bit selfishly) I really wanted the new system to hit you in the chest,” Eaves concludes. “I wanted to really feel the rumble! The ‘first draft’ didn’t go as far as I had hoped it would, but the All Pro staff dialed up the subs and gave me a second listen the next day. I remember listening from the center of the room, feeling that bass, throwing my hands in the air, and shouting in triumph. It was exactly what we needed.”

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