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Alkilados And Totó La Momposina Perform With DPA Microphones

EAG Productions owner Eduardo A. García chooses d:facto handheld microphones, d:dicate 2011 and 4011 cardioid microphones for live shows.

When live studio audio mixer and owner of EAG Productions Eduardo A. García heads out on tour with urban artists Alkilados and Totó La Momposina, he always makes sure to bring along his trusted DPA Microphones.

“I first used DPA microphones during two European tours in 2014 and 2015 with Totó la Momposina, and they were wonderful,” says Garcia. “DPA microphones are very common in Europe, especially the d:vote instrument microphones with brass and Latin percussion sections. I was interested to hear how they would sound with urban/pop music, so I decided to test them on drums and vocals for Alkilados, and the results were amazing.”

Garcia currently uses DPA d:facto handheld microphones with SL1 adapters for Shure, plus d:dicate 2011 cardioid microphones, d:dicate 4011 cardioid microphones and d:vote VO4-rock touring kits.

“On vocals, I was impressed by the excellent results of the d:facto vocal mics,” adds Garcia. “I’ve had problems with feedback from other manufacturers when the lead singer of Alkilados would sing in front of the P.A. system. I decided to try the d:facto and noticed a difference right away. When he went in front of the P.A., his voice was clear and had the same gain as when he would be in front of the wedge monitors. The d:facto eliminates any extra work that I would have previously had to do. Now, I adjust the HP filter on the channel and the microphone automatically rejects the ambient sound due to its supercardioid capabilities. As an engineer on live shows, DPA is a no-brainer for me.”

For drums, Garcia utilizes DPA’s d:dicate 4011A mics on high hats. According to Garcia, “using the 4011A provided me with the best high hat sound I have ever had on drums. There was a nice definition in the highs and its cardioid polar pattern helped me avoid sound from other parts of the drums, like the snare and toms. For the overhead mics, I’m using d:dicate 2011Cs and again these mics were incredible on highs and had fantastic definition in the mid-range.”

One unique audio challenge that was solved with DPA mics came during a 2014 show with Totó La Momposina.

“On the European tour at Berlin’s Koncerthaus, the venue was very live and reverberant,” says Garcia. “Another challenge was the small space on the stage, which wouldn’t allow me to have many mic stands, so I made the decision to use DPA’s d:vote instrument microphones on all brass and Latin Colombian percussion sections. The results were incredible. With the d:vote mics on percussion and brass, I didn’t need to equalize the channel on those instruments, yet the clarity and frequency response was perfect. DPA really makes amazing equipment that I plan to use for many years to come.”

DPA Microphones

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