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Alcons Pro-Ribbons At The Hub Of Sonic Upgrade For Iconic Arctic Cathedral

LR7 pro-ribbon line arrays implemented to foster improved speech intelligibility and concert reinforcement at the Tromsdalen Church in Norway.
Alcons Audio LR7 line arrays in place at the distinctive Tromsdalen Church in Tromsø, Norway.

The distinctive triangular shape of Tromsdalen Church (Ishavskatedralen, or the Arctic Cathedral), one of the most recognized landmarks in the Norwegian city of Tromsø, recently received a sound reinforcement upgrade headed by Alcons Audio components to better support the services, recitals and concerts it hosts.

Consecrated in 1965, Ishavskatedralen is considered a masterpiece by architect Jan Inge Hovig. Eleven aluminum-coated concrete plates either side of the roof give the church it’s well-known form, complemented at one end by a giant stained glass window and, at the other, a main entrance in an end wall of clear glass, with a giant cross tying all the elements together.

The most important thing in terms of sound reinforcement in the venue is ensuring that speech is clear and intelligible throughout the main body of the building. “The wish of the church staff was to have a sound system that delivered high-quality speech, but also worked well with the many concerts they host,” says Eirik Haua, sales manager of Tromsø-based audio integrator Lydproduksjon. “They had grown weary of rolling equipment in and out for events, often multiple times a week.

“The process of looking for a better system had been going on for many years,” he continues, “but the ball really started rolling when folk singer Jardar Hansen performed through an Alcons LR7 pro-ribbon system at Ishavskatedralen. After hearing the concert, church warden Mogens Olsen wanted the same sound quality all the time.”

Lydproduksjon supplied and installed a system comprising 10 LR7 6.5-inch line array modules, two BF302 double 15-inch subwoofers, and four VR5 5-inch monitors. The system is powered and controlled by one Sentinel10 (4 x 2,500 watts) and one Sentinel3 (4 x 750 watts) amplified loudspeaker controllers. For inconspicuous integration, the system was delivered in a room-matching color scheme through the Alcons Architect Color Option.

“The system ensures everyone in each of the church’s 720 seats gets the best possible sound experience. It was specially produced in a custom white colour to match the interior of the church, making sure it perfectly complemented the visual aesthetic and did not detract from its iconic architecture,” Haua concludes. “We think it is the optimal solution for the church and we are grateful that they trusted us to design and install the system.”

Alcons Audio
Tromsdalen Church

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