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Alcons Audio Handles Mains & Monitors For Emilie Nicolas Live At The Oslo Opera House

Systems requested by artist's FOH engineer Stian Sagholen; compact size of the arrays helped ensure that audience sightlines from the upper balconies were maintained.
Alcons Audio Loudspeakers
Alcons Audio arrays for Emilie Nicolas flown at the Oslo Opera House in late 2019.

Norway-based udio production company Trondheim Lyd deployed Alcons Audio loudspeakers for mains and monitors in support of two sold-out shows (in one day) by multiple Norwegian Grammy-winner Emilie Nicolas at the Oslo Opera House in late 2019, at the request of the artist’s front of house engineer Stian Sagholen.

“Stian contacted us after a show at Nidarosdomen (Nidaros Cathedral), Trondheim in May and said there was no other option than an Alcons system for the Oslo Opera House shows,” says Arnstein Fossvik of Trondheim Lyd.

For main coverage, the company deployed compact line arrays comprised of 36 compact Alcons LR18 modules, with six BC543 cardioid subwoofers delivering the low end. Fill was delivered by four LR7 line array modules, and the stage was outfitted with four VR12 mid-size monitors. All loudspeakers were powered and controlled by a dozen Alcons Sentinel10 amplified controllers.

The compact size of the arrays helped ensure that audience sightlines from the upper balconies were maintained and the PA didn’t detract from the ambience of the venue or production.

“It sounded extremely good, from the first moment a sound came through the system. Even before optimisation it sounded way better than most existing systems in Norway,” says Sagholen. “The vertical and horizontal coverage was very consistent, the sound was very tight, linear and with punchy sub-bass, despite the venue’s challenging acoustics. I was also impressed by the very high headroom.”

Alcons Audio
Trondheim Lyd

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