AKG Mics & Headphones Make For Smooth Translation Capability At Beijing Service Center

Breaking down language barriers for international guest speakers and officials, the 300-seat roundtable conference hall at the Beijing Workers’ Service Center in China was recently equipped with a Harman’s AKG CS5 conferencing system and K99 Perception headphones.

Audio supplier and integrator Beijing Respectful Electronic Technology Company specified and installed the components, which help enable seamless translation and interpretation capabilities as well as improve voice clarity during meetings.

The conferencing system includes two AKG CS5 VU voting units, 39 CS5 DU delegate units, three CS5IU interpreter units, one CS5 BU base unit, five CS5 CU50 charging and storage units, 10 CS5 IRT1 infrared transmitters, 250 CS5 IRR7 infrared receivers and 41 GN30 and CK31 microphone capsules. In addition, 253 AKG K99 high-performance Perception headphones were provided for accurate sound output.

“When tasked with this project, we were looking for stable system performance, simultaneous translation into seven different languages and clear sound input. With the AKG CS5 conferencing system, I believe we have found what we were looking for,” said Yin Wang, technician at Beijing Respectful Electronic Technology Company. “This system really gives us great voice clarity and stability, so conferences can continue smoothly and uninterrupted.”

After distributing the infrared receivers evenly across the room, Wang made sure that the IR signals were uniform and stable. The CS5 system meets the stringent requirements of international conferences, and to ensure that conference participants have no trouble hearing all communications within the room, he again turned to AKG.

“We needed multilingual translation capabilities, because the conference room is often used for international meetings, but we also needed good headphones so that voices remain clear,” says Wang.“The AKG K99 Perception headphones performed reliably throughout all the meetings so far.”

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