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AKG Announces New Perception Wireless Line At PLASA 2010

The new system intended for musicians and engineers alike, can accommodate audio setups with up to 8 channels per band.

AKG has announced the introduction of the Perception Wireless System at PLASA 2010 in London.

The new wireless microphone system comes complete with bandwidths up to 30 MHz and low-current transmitters, which are unique in its class.

The Perception Wireless is designed to accommodate musicians and entry-level audio technicians, and has the capabilities to handle audio setups with up to 8 channels per band.

The Perception Wireless Series consists of a Vocal Set, with the handheld transmitter HT 45 featuring a dynamic cardioid capsule; the Instrumental Set, which comes with the pocket transmitter PT 45 plus instrument cable; the Sports Set with the pocket transmitter as well as a C 544 head-worn microphone; and a presenter set, complete with the PT 45 and a CK 99 L lavaliere microphone.

All sets include the stationary receiver SR 45, a single AA battery and a switched mode power supply with EU/UK/US adapters.

The pocket transmitter PT 45 runs on a single AA battery, and is compatible with all AKG MicroMics. The HT 45 Handheld Transmitter gives users the ability to adjust the microphone level from high gain to low gain and comes with a capsule from the Perception Live Series protected by a rugged wire mesh cap.

The SR 45 Stationary Receiver delivers a diversity system, professional XLR and Jack outputs and the SMPS solution.

“Increasing ease of use with perfect audio transmission was the target for this new wireless microphone system,” said Thomas Umbauer, AKG’s Product Manager for PPA.

“Perception Wireless is tailored to your needs, from single-channel applications and individual configurations to multichannel systems.  The Vocal, Instrumental, Presenter and Sports sets are the ideal plug-and-play wireless solutions for musicians and small installed sound venues.”

New to the Perception Wireless family is the sports headset C 544. The latest microphone headset uses a capsule and acoustics from the C 555 and comes complete with a professional mini XLR connector and a rugged one-size-fits-all solution.


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