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Akai Pro Announces MPC Software Enhancements

MPC Software v1.3 brings improved workflow, redesigned plugin architecture, and a blast-from-the-past SP1200 Ring mode for raw 12-bit grit, grime, and decay.

On the heels of the just-released MPC Studio, Akai Professional has now released MPC Software v1.3, the latest iteration of the powerful DAW for MPC Renaissance and MPC Studio.

The MPC Software v1.3 update focuses primarily on workflow and flexibility. The plugin architecture has been completely overhauled and now supports multi-timbral VST and AU plugins and allows access to the same plugin across multiple sequences. Entire programs can now be created by simply dragging and dropping sample folders onto a pad. Sample chops can be added or removed by double-clicking the mouse or using the Split/Combine feature from the LCD. And MPC Renaissance and MPC Studio users can also now easily zoom in and out on their computer screen by holding Shift and pressing the arrow keys on their MPC.

“This update brings the essential improvements that MPC Renaissance and MPC Studio users have been asking for,” said Dan Gill, Akai Professional MPC Product Manager. “We’re listening and we’re committed to making MPC Software one of the most powerful and versatile DAWs available. The new SP1200 Ring mode is another sign of things to come. We have big plans to roll out some more killer Vintage Modes.”

Building upon the MPC60, MPC3000, and SP1200 Vintage Modes, already available for MPC Renaissance, is the all-new SP1200 Ring mode in v1.3. It incorporates a classic trick where producers would bypass the SP1200’s output jack filter.

“It’s a dirty, gritty sound meant to satisfy diehard MPC users and come as a wake-up call to producers who’ve only been exposed to the more hi-fi sounds that are so prevalent today,” said Gill.

MPC Software v1.3 can be downloaded from

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