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AES Offering Membership Discount To Assist Audio Pros Stay Connected In Light Of COVID-19

Audio Engineering Society announces three-month membership for $25 or a three-month bonus at the standard yearly rate through March 31.

With the COVID-19 global pandemic forcing much of the world into isolation, the Audio Engineering Society has announced that a three-month membership is available for $25 for those joining between now and the end of March.

In addition, new members, current and past members can opt to receive 15 months of AES membership for the price of 12 at the annual rate of $125. Both offers expire March 31. Regardless of their renewal date, current members can extend their membership by an additional 15 months with this offer.

A statement from AES:

With a global pandemic forcing much of the world into isolation from their normal daily routines and interactions, the Audio Engineering Society recognizes that this is a particularly difficult time for many people in our industry; cancellations and uncertainties are disrupting events and projects around which industry professionals have purposed their lives, livelihoods and professional development, The AES is proud to provide our worldwide membership with a host of educational, insightful and engaging resources that let audio professionals, students and educators “Listen, Learn and Connect” with industry luminaries, mentors and their peers.

Find out more at the membership section of the AES website. Email questions to [email protected] or call +1 212-661-8528.

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