AEA Celebrates 25 Years Of Selling Ribbon Microphones With Issue Of R84 SLE (Silver Limited Edition)

To commemorate 25 years of selling ribbon microphones. Audio Engineering Associates (AEA) will unveil the R84 SLE (Silver Limited Edition) at the upcoming London AES.

This mirror-chromed version of the popular R84 microphone is limited to 125 units and shipping starts at the end of May.

The R84 is an high-quality general-purpose microphone, ideally suited for solo and accent work, and serves as a fine example of the natural sound and figure-8 directional sensitivity a quality ribbon mic delivers.

—Native-mode, single-diaphragm, figure-eight
—Wide-band response from 20 Hz to 20 kHz
—High null-axis rejection and gain before feedback
—Handles 165 dB SPL above 1 kHz
—Effortless lows and smooth natural highs
—Fast, accurate transient reproduction
—Low self noise
—Excellent off-axis frequency response

—Frequency Response: 20 Hz to above 20 kHz
—Maximum SPL: 165 + dB SPL above 1 kHz for 1% third harmonic
—Output Sensitivity: -52 dBv/Pa
—Output Impedance: 270 ohms nominal
—Recommended Load: 1.2 K ohm or greater
—Powering: Not required or recommended
—Polarity: Pin 2 high for positive pressure on front of microphone.
—Connector: XLR-3M wired to a 3 meter captive cable
—Polar Pattern: Native bi-directional pattern
—Horizontal: Level changes with angle, frequency response is consistent, –35 dB null at 90 / 270 degrees
—Vertical: Level changes with angle, reduced HF response above and below 0 / 180 degree axis, null at 90 / 270 degrees
—Ribbon Thickness: 1.8 microns ( .0000018 meter ) of pure aluminum
—Ribbon Width: 4.7 mm
—Ribbon Length: 59.7 mm

Accessories include custom soft storage/shipping case, and manual.

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