Adamson Systems And Team 108 Present Energia System Seminar In Singapore

Adamson Systems and Team 108, the company’s exclusive distribution for Southeast Asia, recently joined forces to host a 2-day Asia-Pacific seminar and demo on the new Energia loudspeaker system.

The seminar included extensive technical presentations on Project Energia, E15 line array module, Blueprint software, and the T21 subwoofer, in addition to a sneak peak at Adamson’s new COAX Series. 

Director of marketing and sales Jesse Adamson and David Dohrmann (Adamson Europe applications engineer) hosted the event.

The second day of the seminar included a complete hands-on setup of a 24-cabinet E15 system with companion T21 subs in an arena environment.  The demonstration also included preset management and system alignment overview.

Kevin Nair of Team 108 states, “Project Energia is a groundbreaking approach to concert touring and when people see it for the first time, they are inevitably impressed. The E15 has incredible horsepower with great fidelity and definition. The response from our region has been fantastic.” 

Jesse Adamson adds, “Sound engineers know how great a big PA will sound in open air, but proving how fast it goes up and how it will deliver in a harsh environment is what separates the modern touring system. We aimed to provide a real scenario for a large format system with both playback and multitrack options on a DiGiCo SD11 console.”

Team 108 based in Singapore, prepped all the logistics such as renting of spaces, providing the system, organizing transport and finding suitable lodging for all the attendees. Distributors, hire companies and engineers made the trip from Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, and Australia.

Additional Energia seminars will be announced in September and October.

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