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Adamson Loudspeakers
Adamson Point 8 enclosures on the platform at Capital Christian Center, with one of the new S10 arrays flying in the background. (Credit: Jeff Miller)

Adamson Loudspeakers Deployed In A/V Upgrade At Capital Christian Center In California

Rain Pro Media implements new system for church’s 3,000-seat auditorium anchored by main arrays of 10 compact S10 full-range enclosures per side.

Rain Pro Media (Eugene, OR) recently helped Capital Christian Center in Sacramento with a substantial upgrade to the audiovisual systems in its main sanctuary, including a new sound reinforcement system headed by S-Series arrays from Adamson Systems Engineering.

“For us, Adamson was the ideal choice,” states Mark Carlson, executive director of Music, Creative Arts & Media Production with Capital Christian Center. “We have diverse needs pertaining to sound reinforcement. Our audience possesses a discerning taste for high-quality audio, and in looking at various systems, it became clear to us that Adamson was head and shoulders above the rest.”

Specifically, the team at Rain designed and installed the new system for the church’s 3,000-seat auditorium, anchored by main arrays of 10 compact S10 full-range enclosures per side, each flanked by four flown S119 subwoofers in a cardioid configuration.

The Adsamson S10 arrays flying left and right, as well as the system’s new Yamaha RIVAGE PM Series console at front of house. (Credit: Jeff Miller)

An additional complement of IS10p point-source enclosures from Adamson’s install-focused IS-Series are deployed as fills: a single IS10p for center fill, two for gallery fill, and two delays. Finally, six Adamson Point 8s reside at the front of the stage as lip fills. The system enhances the church’s spoken word and contemporary music ministry as well as more elaborate applications like its renowned Easter and Christmas services.

“Our Adamson S10 system has everything a front of house engineer could want: excellent coverage and pattern control; a clean, smooth, and musical sound; and the power to handle theatrical productions, rock music, and everything in between,” says Loren Mauch, lead audio engineer at Capital Christian Center. “I have never had the gain before feedback, sonic clarity, or consistent response that I enjoy with our Adamson rig.”

Carlson and Mauch praised the AV integrator for its work throughout the project, which also included acoustic enhancements to the auditorium. “Working with Rain Pro Media was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had with a professional company in my nearly 33 years of full-time ministry. Their customer service and knowledge base are second-to-none,” offers Carlson.

Another look at the S10 arrays. (Credit: Jeff Miller)

“Rain Pro Media’s communication throughout the process was excellent and their work during the install was very professional,” adds Mauch. “They helped us make a smooth transition to the new systems and went above and beyond to train our media team. Without any reservations, I recommend Rain Pro Media to any church looking for a media contractor.”

The duo is pleased with the performance of the new system, though it’s the congregants’ opinions that matter most, and both report an abundance of positive reviews. “The pristine audio quality and even coverage are unmatched, and whether it’s for our modern worship band, our choir and orchestra, or our annual ticketed Christmas show, our live sound has never been better thanks to Rain Pro Media and Adamson,” Carlson concludes.

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