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A Different Approach To Mix Bus Compression

A new way of thinking that can provide subtle but notable differences...
Article provided by Home Studio Corner.

In the following video, Joe demonstrates a new way of thinking about compression on your mix bus, one that can provide subtle but notable differences.

He starts with a track utilizing a pretty standard setup for mix bus compression—2:1 ratio, 30 millisecond (ms) attack, 100 ms release, and a little bit of make-up gain because it’s not really being compressed all that much.

After playing the track with and without the compression engaged to experience what it sounds like. Then it’s time for some enhancement of the low end, and this is where the technique comes into play. It’s a process that involves utilizing sidechain filtering, and goes from there.

Enjoy the video.

Joe Gilder is a Nashville-based engineer, musician, and producer who also provides training and advice at the Home Studio Corner.Note that Joe also offers highly effective training courses, including Understanding Compression and Understanding EQ.

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