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50 Must-Read Pro Audio Articles From 2013

We love sharing useful information and we love supporting our friends. This post lets us do both...
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Well here we are again. 2013 was fun. We dove heavy into tutorials with the launch of our YouTube channel and our first two in-depth tutorials from Matthew Weiss: Mixing Hip-Hop and Mixing with Compression. Lots of new tutorials on deck for 2014.

We’re also currently redesigning the site, and incredibly excited to share the new design with you. We’ll be switching over within the next month.

It’s become a tradition to do our year-end article roundup. We love sharing useful information and we love supporting our friends. This post lets us do both. And who doesn’t love a good listicle? Have a great 2014.

Production Advice:

Sonic Scoop:

Randy Coppinger:

Recording Hacks:

Mark Marshall:

Kim Lajoie:

Designing Sound:

The Home Recording Show:

Audio Geek Zine:


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Mix Notes:

Wink Sound:

Home Studio Corner:

Audio Issues:

Behind the Mixer:

The Recording Revolution:

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