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50 And Forward: Five Decades Of Heritage At QSC With A Steady Gaze On The Future

Enhancing The Experience

Great care is taken in selecting those partners, as is the process of exporting the company’s unique corporate culture, balancing offshore and domestic manufacturing to keep costs down and ensuring that core values are upheld in every market.

Fifty years on, Pat Quilter’s core vision of “A cool little company that built nice stuff (and) didn’t burn anybody” remains an integral strand of the DNA. So, too, does the emphasis on continuous progress by continually asking a key question: “What should our competition be doing?”

“We’re mapping the vision of what our customers want us to be as a partner now and in the future,” explains Karon Evanoff, vice president, supply chain. “As any organization grows and continues to succeed, revisiting overall supply chain strategies to support the best possible customer experience is a given. Each region has its own nuances. Finding key relationships not only enhances what QSC can provide to our customers, but, if done correctly, can become the differentiator between someone coming to QSC or going to our competition.”

Essentially, the approach is to build a larger roof over their operations to tap into any viable opportunity to offer value. “We’re fortunate to have strong, results-driven leadership teams who demonstrate widespread capabilities in managing challenges across the globe,” says Greg N. Wilson, vice president, manufacturing, who adds, “We feel that is a significant point of differentiation between QSC and other brands, and it presents one of our best opportunities to lead.”

QSC CEO/president Joe Pham

While it’s indisputable that QSC has changed significantly over 50 years, some things remain the same, including the company’s emphasis on partnership and dedication to another Pat Quilter maxim: “A sale is the beginning, not the end of a relationship.” Indeed, Pham emphasizes taking advantage of every customer interaction to “engage, learn and serve.”

“By maintaining focus on strategic imperatives, working closely with our partners and customers to gain competitive advantage with new technologies, products and business models, and strategically investing in our people to build and expand our core capabilities, we’re continuing to build trust, deepen relationships and ensure customers become and remain QSC advocates,” he concludes. “Let’s everyone win and have a good time doing it.”


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