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5 Words Media Deploys CODA Audio For Sonic Upgrade At Virginia Church Following Unique Initiative

Churches across the U.S. invited to pitch for new AV systems with 5WM putting together a package that included design and installation, with Hope Church awarded the valuable prize that includes N-APS loudspeakers.
Some of the new AV gear deployed at Hope Church in Virginia by 5WM, including a CODA N-APS loudspeaker flying above the platform.

A recent initiative called #FreeChurchAV, launched by 5 Words Media (5WM), a systems integrator based in Phoenix, saw Hope Church in Danville, VA receive new AV systems, with the audio quotient headed by CODA Audio N-APS loudspeakers that were installed in time for the church’s post-lockdown reopening.

The initiative invited churches across the U.S. to pitch for new AV systems by telling their story and highlighting the benefits that upgrading technology within their churches could bring. In tandem with a number of their suppliers. 5WM put together a valuable AV package in a process that attracted more than 500 entries, offering systems design, shipment of all gear to the winning church, and then sending a team from Arizona to complete the installation.

“At Hope Church, we wanted to install a compact system that had a powerful output,” explains Daniel Gourley of 5WM. “The church’s ceiling was only 18 feet high and needed not only to carry the weight of the N-APS top boxes, but the subs flown above as well. Initially, weight was a concern – the church was built in the 1970s and wasn’t designed to carry heavy loads flown overhead, but the CODA speakers are so light it wasn’t a problem. I’ve always been amazed at how much sound comes out of such a small box! The system was loaded into the System Optimizer which uses CODA’s predictive software, and selected two HOPS8i boxes as side fills for the alcove spaces on each side of the stage.

“The room itself was actually the main challenge due to its 18 feet elevation dropping to nine feet at the side areas,” he continues. “The DSP in the LINUS10C amplifiers allowed us to delay and EQ the main PA from the sidefills to avoid any comb filtering and phasing in the seating area. Once installed, we ended up with a system capable of 106 dB at +/- 1.9 dB of broadband audio.”

The CODA N-APS system is designed for small- to medium-size venues, combines point source arrayability approaches with a focus on high dynamic range and variable horizontal directivity, N-APS contains CODA’s most recent driver and system design technology that includes Dynamic Airflow Cooling (DAC) that’s designed to improve heat dissipation in order to increase power handling and sound pressure levels. With a seating capacity of about 400, Hope Church was an optimum setting for the system.

“To be selected for the install was super exciting because we knew just how much improving our AV facilities would positively impact in our work here at Hope Church,” states Student Ministry Director and Tech Leader, Jonathan Wright, “The 5 Words Media team was so thorough and professional in everything they did, whilst at the same time feeling like friends we’d known for years. As the install progressed, it became clear that this was an absolute state-of-the-art project. When they first switched on the CODA system, we were pretty stunned by the power and clarity — I was blown away. You go to the furthest corners of the room and there’s just no difference in output or quality. I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing, because it was so much better than I’d ever experienced. The tech team was in awe and beyond excited. Our other staff members were also in disbelief at how amazing the system sounds, and I still go in each week amazed at the difference. Nothing from us but compliments and appreciation for CODA Audio.”

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Since the Hope Church project, the 5WM team has installed another N-APS system at Desert View Bible Church in Phoenix. Complemented by N-Sub, HOPS8, HOPS5 and ground stacked U4 subwoofers, the system offers exceptional performance, particularly in the low end.

“5 Words Media’s program of CODA Audio installations, particularly during these difficult times, says much about the trust that expert integrators have in our products,” concludes Luke Jenks, Managing Director of CODA Audio USA. “As the reaction from Hope Church attests, Daniel and his team are using CODA products to great effect, taking full advantage of their quality to achieve the kind of customer satisfaction that is the key to driving great business.”

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