August 2012

Scouting For Victory With JBL VTX Line Arrays

Billed as the largest scout and guide event ever held in Denmark, more than 37,000 gathered in a field just outside the city of Holstebro in northwest Jutland recently for the first-ever Jamboree Denmark 2012.
Premier rental company Victory Tour Production took the opportunity to evaluate Harman’s newly-released JBL VTX line array system over the 8-day festival, which was organized by the five internationally-recognized guide and scout associations in Denmark.

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DiGiCo SD11i Quite SUM-Thing At The Opera

The Linbury Studio theatre, housed within Covent Garden’s spectacular Royal Opera House, recently accommodated a 14-night run of SUM, a new opera based on David Eagleman’s best-selling book “Forty Tales from the Afterlives”. Engineer Steve Watson opted to use his recently purchased extremely compact SD11i digital console which made the job of balancing a particularly dynamic 14-piece band and a selection of soprano, counter tenor, and baritone singers, a whole lot easier.

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