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20 Questions: Take Our Stage Monitoring Quiz

Are you up to speed on the subjective side of monitorland? And remember, this is just for fun...

Welcome to our quiz featuring 20 questions about stage monitoring and related issues.

This is somewhat subjective and largely intended for entertainment purposes—better known as FUN for short—although there is fact and/or truth in many of the “correct” responses.

Time for the obligatory non-apology: “We apologize if this quiz offends anyone. That is… er, is not… our intention. Besides, if you don’t like it, we’ll just claim you took it out of context.”



1) Why do vocal acts prefer monitors with 12-inch low-frequency (LF) drivers?
A. The smaller wedges allow the punters to see the artist’s dance steps
B. The Druids preferred the number 12 to the number 15
C. The harmonic series associated with 12 produces a smoother sound
D. The engineer has to take out less energy under 500 Hz to sort out issues of feedback and proper tone


2. Why do loud acts prefer monitors with 15-inch LF drivers?
A. They don’t—everyone prefers 12-inch these days
B. The 15-inch driver can generate more kick and bottom snare without strain to the drivers or amps
C. Due to their larger size, 15-inch drivers hide the fact that the band dances lousy
D. 15 is bigger than 12, therefore wedges with 15-inch drivers are inherently better


3. What is the advantage of 2 bass drivers, rather than 1, in a wedge?
A. 2 is always better than 1—everyone knows that
B. It shows that the band is successful because it can afford larger wedges
C. More kick and bottom snare can be derived from the mix with the additional bass driver
D. There is no advantage – due to technology improvements, a single driver produces output only possible in the past with two


4. What determines the crossover point of a monitor?
A. Desire to avoid warranty repair claims
B. The presence peak of the vocal microphone being used
C. The program content and sound pressure level (SPL) requirement of the mix
D. The characteristics of the primary vocalist in the mix

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