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10EaZyT Lets The Sleep Country Amphitheater Rest Easy

Rational Acoustics, US distributor of the 10EaZy, provides quick solution for Sleep Country Amphitheater.

The Sleep Country Amphitheater, an 18,000 seat live music venue located 20 miles outside of Portland, Oregon, has extremely strict operating regulations regarding SPL levels at the mix position (as do many other facilities). When General Manager Dan Braun’s Grozier SPL monitoring system ceased to work a few weeks back, he was in a tight spot with a Mötley Crüe performance just days away.

Luckily Braun, who is also happens to be the production designer for Metallica, had heard about SG Audio Aps 10EaZy from Metallica FOH Engineer Mick “Big Mick” Hughes. One quick call to Rational Acoustics, SG Audio’s US Distributor, and a 10EaZy Class 1 System was winging its way to Braun, arriving less than 48 hours before Mötley Crüe was due to hit the stage. 

“10EaZy is above and beyond anything we could have possibly expected.” says Braun.  “The 10EaZy system was everything it promised; painless to set up, intuitive to use, graphically friendly for the bands’ engineers, and accurate (we compared the results to a B&K meter we have calibrated annually for legal reasons).  It even emailed a complete report of the show minutes after its conclusion.”

“This is the stuff we live for.” says Karen Anderson, COO of Rational Acoustics. “Providing innovative technology solutions for audio professionals to help them do their job better, faster and more effeciently.  And the fact that we were able to get Dan the solution he needed in the face of a looming deadline is even better.”

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