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Color-matched 1 SOUND Cannon Series compact loudspeakers have been deployed at the renovated Oregon Grille in Baltimore.

1 SOUND Cannon Series The Right Match For Baltimore Landmark Restaurant

Integrator Dynamic Sound Level deploys a distributed system utilizing C5 and C4i loudspeakers color-matched to the interior of the Oregon Grille, housed in what was once a stone farmhouse.

The newly renovated landmark restaurant Oregon Grille in downtown Baltimore, housed in what once was a 19th-century stone farmhouse, has been equpped with a sound reinforcement system utilizing 1 SOUND Cannon Series loudspeakers and supporting components in a design by integration firm Dynamic Sound Level.

The integrator has worked with owner Atlas Restaurant Group on previous projects and decided to incorporate 1 SOUND products into the design after becoming more familiar with the company’s products and taking advantage of the 1 SOUND Custom Shop.

Cannon Series C4i loudspeakers in custom brown with matching C-Clamps are distributed throughout the restaurant, while the bar is served by Cannon C5s and a discreet FSUB45 subwoofer, with one more Cannon loudspeaker provided as a monitor for performers. The architect was able to color match the loudspeakers to the mahogany wood ceilings.

“I can’t say enough how pleased I am as well as the owners, who have already requested we use 1 SOUND on the next project,” says Mike Denoe, director of Dynamic Sound Level. “The clarity of the piano and vocals from the singer is beyond any other product we have used. The color match was perfect, and the architect was very happy. 1 SOUND was the perfect match for this project. Looking forward to future projects with 1 SOUND.”


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