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Tight A/V Relies On NEXO For The Vinyl Music Festival

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By PSW Staff September 15, 2010

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The Vinyl Music Festival is the largest electronic music festival on the Gulf Coast of Florida, second only to the Winter Music Festival held in Miami.

The event celebrates DJ artists from around the world and highlights the best local talent in the region.

The four-day event took place in Sarasota in mid-July and attracted over 6,000 attendees.

Headlining artists performed in three major venues: the G.Wiz Science Museum, Lido Beach, and the Sarasota Auditorium.

In total, over 63 artists performed at ten venues including headliners Scooter & Lavelle, Shawn Rudnick, DJ Micro, DJ Madam Malixa, Paul Mendez, and Drager. The festival made use of three street locations in the Rosemary District, along with several restaurants and lounges in the area.

Tight AV of Sarasota was hired to handle production audio, lighting and projection and called upon colleagues ESI Audio (Tampa) and Audio Systems Consulting (Miami) for additional audio requirements.

Yamaha mixers and Yamaha and NEXO speakers were used at all venues.

“When DJ Drager, the musical director of the festival, called us to provide A/V services, our first thought was to showcase one manufacturer’s products that could easily interface with each other and provide an efficient and streamlined set up,” said Pascal Danon, Tight AV.

“The system would obviously need to include speakers, amplifiers, mixers, and processors to cover a wide range of venues. We immediately thought of the Yamaha/NEXO combination, and with assistance from Brian Coviello, District Manager at Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems,we were able to work out the logistics.”

The weather can always play a role in Florida so Tight AV had to factor that and electrical requirements into the equation. “We install and rent Yamaha and NEXO gear so we knew how reliable the products would be,” said Danon.

“With digital mixers and processors running eight hours a days and temperatures upwards of 100 degrees at the beach site or at the pool venue, we weren’t concerned; the amps were running cool and the mixers performed as expected.”

For the Sarasota Municipal Auditorium, Tight A/V provided two Yamaha MSR400 Speakers for DJ monitors and the new Yamaha M7CL-48ES digital console for use at front of house for both the Auditorium and G.Wiz locations.

ESI Audio provided ten NEXO GEO T4805 and two NEXO GEO T2815 line arrays for left and right mains, Lab Gruppen FP14000s amps, six NEXO Alpha S2 Subs with amplification from six Camco Vortex amps, and four NEXO NX242 controllers.

For delay stacks, Audio Systems brought in two NEXO GEO S1210s and two GEO S1230 line arrays, NXAmp 4×4 used for delays in each of the halls’ back corners, and four NEXO RS15 subs. Audio Systems also supplied a similar GEO S12 rig for the G.WIZ venue.

“Some of the systems were transferred to the evening venues and continued to provide the clarity and power we expected,” adds Danon. “The Yamaha and NEXO systems are easy to set up, powerful and smooth.”

For a room holding 2,500 people, there was plenty of coverage, dynamics, and clarity. Even in the VIP room located in the balcony and at the end of the Hall, the sound was balanced and clear with plenty of bass.

The SPL on the dance floor was 115 to 120 dB at peaks, with plenty more to spare.”

Tight A/V also provided the Lido Beach, Lido Pool, and the five other event locations with a combination of Yamaha MSR 400 and 800 powered speakers used in a stereo configuration left and right of the DJ position.

“Yamaha MG mixers, 01V96 digital mixers running at 96 kHz, PC9501n amps, NEXO NXAMP 4x4s, and NEXO PS and LS Series speakers all driven by NEXO processors were selected for their very small footprint and outstanding dynamics,” said Danon.


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