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SXS Flies Martin Audio W8LM For Cutty Sark Royal Unveiling

By PSW Staff June 21, 2012

A perspective of the Martin Audio W8LM arrays in place for the unveiling of the Cutty Sark; below is a larger image showing the arrays as well as Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh in attendance at the event.

Bristol-based event production company SXS Events was recently commissioned by the Royal Borough of Greenwich to provide sound and full technical production for the royal unveiling of the Cutty Sark in Greenwich.

This followed a multi-million dollar restoration project as a result of fire damage to the 143-year-old clipper back in 2007.

SXS was tasked with constructing and outfitting a dais stage, while the main PA was the company’s new Martin Audio W8LM line array.

The production company deployed a total of 12 W8LM mini line array enclosures in two hangs, with two W8LMD down fills at the base of each hang. This was driven by Lab Gruppen FP series amplifiers and controlled via XTA digital processors.

Attended by both Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh, the launch took place at the Cutty Sark Gardens and the event included a 90-piece symphony orchestra and 400-member choir. The Martin Audio system also provided reinforcement for the Queen’s speech and took further live feeds from inside the Cutty Sark.

“The Martin Audio W8LM is our latest major audio investment and I was delighted to be able to use it for this event,” says Johnny Palmer, production manager, SXS Events. “Our sound department has been booming over the last year and we felt it time we invested in a system that allowed for accurate and even coverage.

“The W8LM is great for shows such as this because of its clarity, simple rigging and aesthetics––and it will be our system of choice when entrusted with highly demanding, high quality production.”

Alex Thompson, head of sound at SXS, adds, “This show was all about clarity, headroom and maximum gain before feedback––all core principles of our approach to sound. Our new W8LM system was ideal as we had plenty of gain and the accurate response achieved great reinforcement for the performance. Being an orchestral performance the role of the system was to reinforce the sound transparently and ideally not be noticed at all, and that’s precisely what it did.”


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