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Stewart Audio Announces The New CVA100-2 CobraNet Enabled Amplifier

The highly-efficient constant voltage design is ideal for networked audio applications.

By PSW Staff May 23, 2011

The Stewart Audio CVA100-2 power amplifier.

Stewart Audio has announced the availability of the CVA100-2 CobraNet enabled power amplifier.

A new addition to the company’s line of versatile power amplifiers, the CVA100-2 is a 200W 70V, 2-channel constant voltage amplifier with 100W per channel that fits conveniently into a half-rack form factor, making it a terrific choice for installed sound applications where space is at a premium.

As Stewart Audio’s first amplifier to feature a factory-installed CobraNet option, this versatile amplifier makes an exceptional choice for use in a variety of networked audio applications in addition to courtrooms, retail environments, restaurants / bars, educational / training facilities, sound masking, and paging and notification systems.

CobraNet is a networked-audio protocol developed to transmit uncompressed audio and control data over a standard network.

The CVA100-2 utilizes CobraNet via an optional factory installed daughter card. With this option installed, the CVA100-2 can act as an endpoint to any new or existing CobraNet system.

This capability enables the CVA100-2 to be placed anywhere sound is required and receive up to two channels of audio through its network interface.

With the CobraNet option, the CVA100-2 is the ideal power amp choice for those large projects where CAT-5 Ethernet cable is deployed in lieu of conventional audio lines.

The new CVA100-2 incorporates Stewart Audio’s proprietary Signal Sense Power Technology (SSPT) that ensures the amplifier is only powered when there is a signal present—thus saving energy and extending product life.

Equally notable, this exceptionally well-designed, robust amplifier is ENERGY STAR compliant.

Rounding out the CVA100-2’s rich feature set, this amplifier provides a selectable high pass filter plus remote volume control and muting, with optional control via RS232 or Infrared.

In addition to the RJ45 Ethernet connector (if installed), the amplifier’s rear panel provides provides LEDs for visual confirmation of Power, Clipping, Signal Present, and active, as well as provisions for defining the 65 / 150 Hz High Pass filter #1 and #2 settings.

Euroblock connectors (3.5 mm) are provided for access of control and muting as well as input and speaker connections. The unit’s front panel also provides the LED’s plus Power/ active.

“The CVA100-2 is another example of the compact and high value amplifier solutions at which Stewart Audio (another founding member of NAVA) excels,” said Mike Sims, Director of Sales and Marketing at Attero Tech.

“With the availability of a CobraNet-enabled version of the CVA100-2, installers of smaller venue systems can offer their clients all the benefits of networked amplification at affordable prices.  All NAVA member companies believe that smaller AV systems can and should be able to use networked AV products that are optimized for their requirements.”

“Stewart Audio’s new CVA100-2 is a full-featured power amp that is ideal for a multitude of sound reinforcement applications,” commented Brian McCormick, Chief Marketing Officer for Stewart Audio.

“With the available CobraNet option, the amplifier can integrate into new or existing networked audio environments in addition to conventional 70V distributed applications.”

“Further, our Signal Sense Power Technology makes this model extremely efficient and its compact, half-rack form factor and a weight of less than four pounds make the CVA100-2 well suited to a multitude of installed sound projects. I’m confident designers, integrators, and installers alike will find it a compelling choice.”

The Stewart Audio CVA100-2 power amplifier carries an MSRP of $765 for the standard model and $1165 for the CobraNet-enabled version. Both models are available now.

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Rolf Brian says

Is anyone else aware of any 1/2 rack cobranet enabled amplifiers around this power level? Have been looking products that will work in smaller installations for networked audio. Any history with Stewart?

kiranmark42 says

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