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Showtime Sound Utilizes EAW KF740 For All-Star Concert At SECU Arena

Because the stage was oriented sideways in the arena, there needed to be plenty of vertical as well as horizontal coverage from the arrays

By PSW Staff January 8, 2014

Jason Decter mixing Avril Lavigne at Mistletoe Meltdown at SECU Arena

Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) KF740 line arrays headed up the system for the A-list acts at the sold-out Mistletoe Meltdown show, held in mid-December at the SECU Arena outside of Baltimore. On the bill were Avril Lavigne, The Backstreet Boys, Sara Bareilles, Gavin DeGraw and Plain White T’s.

Sound reinforcement system and support was provided by event production company Showtime Sound of Glenelg, MD.

“When I walked up to the KF740 rig and put some playback music on, the mix translated perfectly,” says Jason Decter, the FOH mixing engineer for headliner Avril Lavigne. “Usually I have to struggle a little bit to get what I want.”

It was the first time that Decter, who also mixes for Blink 182 and Weezer, had used the KF Series. “Never did I get into any soft limits or compression or limiting,” he notes. “The rig was open and airy and had great detail to it. What impressed me the most was just how clear and detailed the rig was.”

Shawn Hocherl, a vice president of Showtime Sound, designed the sound system for the night with 24 KF740 cabinets configured in two 12-cabinet side arrays, with several EAW KF300, KF750, KF755, KF850z and JF80 cabinets for front, side and out fills.

“The intelligibility of the KF740 and also the power it puts out for a medium-sized box blows us away,” Hocherl says. “They’re easy to fly off all our mobile stages, and they’re so light.”

Because the Mistletoe Meltdown stage was oriented sideways in the SECU Arena, Hocherl needed plenty of vertical, as well as horizontal coverage from the KF Series arrays he configured. “It covered the venue extremely well,” he adds. “The versatility of the KF740 is awesome. We use them more than any other cabinet we have.”

Decter hopes to work more with the KF Series loudspeakers, as well. Their instant usability made his job that much easier. “They took the stress out for me that day,” Decter said, “which was a nice change. We started the show, and it was over before I knew it. It was a little too fun that night.”

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