Powersoft The Ideal Solution For Caribbean Sound

By PSW Staff June 22, 2012

The Joassin brothers with their new Powersoft K Series amplifiers.

Frederic Joassin and his brother Fritz created Prosound Plus Totobeat Inc. in Haiti in 2003. Since the beginning of their adventure, the Joassin brothers have invested in professional audio equipment in order to provide sound system for live concerts and for shows during Haiti’s renowned Mardi Gras. 

“The 2010 earthquake was a really tragic moment for the people of Haiti—it devastated a huge part of our country,” remembers Frederic Joassin. “But we did not lose faith in the future, we did not give up. As a matter of fact we expanded our business range to the Dominican Republic. We strongly believe that it was the right time to change our company: we decided to invest in and increase the quality of the sound solutions we could offer our customers.”

Looking to broaden the variety of their equipment offering, the Joassin brothers had a very clear goal: Prosound Plus Totobeat Inc. had to deliver the most clean and crisp sound in the Caribbean area.

For this reason they purchased thirty-two Clair Brothers I 218 and thirty-four ref=“http://www.powersoft-audio.com” title=“Powersoft”>Powersoft K Series amplifiers: K20 (up to 18,000 W in a single rack space), K10 (2 x 6,000 W on 2 ohms), K8 (2 x 4,800 W on 2 ohms).

“It was a very significant investment for us,” says Fritz Joassin, “and thanks to these efforts we acquired many musical contracts all over Port-au-Prince and also work in several venues in the Dominican Republic.”

“Powersoft amplifiers contribute to a great performance: they are efficient and they are lightweight —which is ideal for a geographical area like ours,” say the Joassin brothers. “The lower electric energy consumption and a low heat dissipation are so important in our tropical climate. For this reason K series are certainly smart amplifiers: a clever combination of energy saving and large output power. They are perfect for the Caribbean islands!”

In 2012 Prosound Totobeat Inc. was honored as the “Best sound company for Mardi Gras season”: thanks to their tenacity and determination, the Joassin brothers’ firm became the sound leader company in Haiti today.



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