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Powersoft Amplifiers Selected By Gemini Light, Sound, & Video

Powersoft amplifiers are driving their sound systems for several major events.

By PSW Staff December 20, 2010

Gemini's Powersoft Amp Rack

From their first experience with Powersoft amplifiers at Edgefest 2010 in Pizza Hut Park, Frisco, TX, with 25,000 attendees, to a string of successful concert performances, Gemini Light, Sound, Video has stepped up their systems with Powersoft amplifiers.

Gemini’s positive experience with the inherent green design efficiencies, crystal clear sound and extremely tight bass response of Powersoft amplifiers has prompted the adoption of Powersoft as a mainstay amplifier for its systems.

“We used the Powersoft K10 amplifier to drive our EAW SB2001, double 21-inch sub woofer speaker cabinets at the KDGE-FM Edgefest last May,” said Tim Cain, owner of Gemini Light, Sound, Video.

“We provided the audio system for groups that included Limp Bizkit, Three Days Grace and 30 Seconds to Mars and the bass response for the system needed to be outstanding.”

“We tried out the Powersoft K10 series for this and the results were beyond amazing, to say the least. The bass sound was thunderously loud, yet clear and tight.”

“From this experience, we purchased eight K2 and eight K3 amplifiers to exclusively drive our newest EAW KF740 system and, once again, the results were very impressive.”

The new Powersoft K2/K3-EAS KF740 system has also been successfully used for major corporate events and a string of concerts, including BB King, Buddy Guy, Kenny Loggins and most recently Sheryl Crow.

“Every time we look at the size and weight of the Powersoft amplifiers compared to the giant sound they produce, we are amazed,” said Cain.

“It is hard to believe that so much quality sound can be coming out of an amplifier that compact. While all sound systems are about delivering quality sound, the logistics behind putting that sound together are equally important in terms of hauling, AC load, ease of use and flexibility.”

“These are areas where Powersoft is well ahead of the industry curve.”

“With Powersoft, hauling and allocating truck space is now extremely easy as I am getting the same power and better sound in just a third to half the space and weight as in the past,” Cain said.

“Because of Powersoft’s incredible efficiency, the AC power distribution at an event is much easier.”

“This efficiency is particularly valuable at locations where the available power might not be great. With Powersoft, I know I can deliver high-level sound no matter where I go with far fewer headaches and that is good for my bottom line.”

Powersoft Website


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