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New Dutch Rental Company AVL Concept Invests In Midas PRO6 and H3000 Consoles

"For our technicians and account managers there was only one dilemma to deal with and that was Midas analog or Midas digital." - AVL Concept Owner Ben Rosema

By PSW Staff February 26, 2009

AVL Concept owner Ben Rosema with the Midas PRO6 and H3000 consoles

Newly-formed Dutch rental company AVL Concept has made a strong investment in its future growth by investing in a large amount of new pro audio equipment, including a Midas PRO6 and a Heritage 3000 consoles.

The company, which was supplied by Midas Consoles Benelux, has taken over some well known companies including audio rental company Cazemier LGB and AV rental and installation specialist Provision.

“We’ve set up the new company to be ready for the next decade or so,” says AVL Concept Owner Ben Rosema. “AVL Concept is not a classic concert sound rental company, neither is it a traditional AV install company. We offer our clients the best, both in high end rental plus install, focusing on the highest level of audio, lighting, video, production and staging.

“We’ve only been able to achieve this level of business by taking over existing, well-performing specialist companies and implementing their expertise and contacts into our new company with one goal in mind: to provide a one-stop shop covering our entire and diverse customer base by providing relevant and specific market segment expertise. “

“AVL Concept relies on a strong financial base, and we’ve achieved this by investing in the right people, brands and market segments,” Rosema continues. “For our technicians and account managers there was only one dilemma to deal with and that was Midas analog or Midas digital.

“After some brainstorming sessions with Axel of Midas Consoles Benelux I came to the conclusion that the Heritage is still a rock solid investment for some markets, whereas for the digital approach the PRO6 is a safe and sound investment, so we bought both.”

Adds Axel Nagtegaal, MD of Midas Consoles Benelux, “With the credit crunch reaching new levels every day, those companies who were already lagging behind are the ones who will lose out when it comes to adapting to the various markets. From that perspective I do not find it surprising that we’re selling Midas PRO6s at a higher rate than we sold the Heritage during its best years. The entertainment market is not slowing down and businesses need to demonstrate to their clients what actions they are taking to stay ahead.

“A lot of our customers are investing in Midas digital knowing that they can set themselves apart from their competitors more than ever. The PRO6 is a stable and proven digital investment in a market which is all about trust and return on investment, not to mention sound quality.”

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