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Music Group Introduces Behringer S16 Digital Snake I/O

By PSW Staff January 23, 2012

I/O Box with 16 Remote-Controllable Mic/Line Inputs, 8 Outputs and AES50 Networking featuring KLARK TEKNIK SuperMac Technology

Music Group announces the release of the S16 Digital Snake I/O interface featuring Klark Teknik SuperMac Technology.  Although the S16 was initially designed for use with the flagship X32 and X16 digital consoles, any mixing board with AES50 networking capability can tap into the S16’s powerful feature set. 

The S16 provides 16 fully programmable, remotely controllable high-end mic preamps plus 8 analog, balanced XLR returns at the stage end and connects to the FOH via a single CAT5 cable without the need for a dedicated router.  Klark Teknik, a longtime industry-leader in the development of high-end digital audio processing, provided the SuperMAC technology that made all of this possible—this new Behringer product makes the technology attainable to a wider audience.

When used as part of a complete X32 system, two S16 Stage Boxes can be cascaded via the built-in AES50 ports, providing connectivity for up to 32 mic/line inputs, 16 balanced outputs and the very affordable POWERPLAY P-16 Personal Monitoring System, which can feed up to 48 individual monitor mixers.  Also included are two optical ADAT sockets for connecting channels 1-8 and 9-16 to outboard devices, a convenient USB port for system updates via PC as well as MIDI I/O for lighting systems and sound module control.

Behringer S16 Features:

• 16 fully programmable and remote-controllable audiophile mic preamps
• 8 analog, servo-balanced XLR outputs
• AES50 network ports featuring Klark Tecknik SuperMac technology for ultra-low latency (in-ear compatible)
• Up to 100 m networking capability via CAT-5e cable (not included)
• Dual AES50 ports for cascading S16 units—no merger or router required
• Precise LED metering plus 7-segment displays for signal control on stage
• Phones output assignable to any of the inputs/outputs for on-stage monitoring
• Connectivity for Behringer’s P-16 Personal Monitoring System for In-Ear applications (not included)
• Dual ADAT outputs for use in splitter mode and stand-alone digital multicore applications
• MIDI In/Out for bi-directional communication between FOH console and on-stage MIDI devices
• USB connector for system updates via PC
• “Planet Earth” switching power supply for maximum flexibility (100 – 240 V~), noise-free audio, superior transient response plus low power consumption for energy saving
• “Built like a tank” yet compact, all-steel 2U rack-mount chassis
• High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life
• High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction
• Conceived and designed by Behringer Germany



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