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Lake Introduces Smaart 7 Integration With Lake Controller Version 6

By PSW Staff June 22, 2012

Lake Controller settings and control accessed via tablet computer

At InfoComm 2012, Lake unveiled the new release of its Lake Controller software – version 6 – that provides new functionality as well as a host of performance improvements.

In addition to general enhancements, including optimization for Windows 7 and improved performance for large system networks, Version 6 will include support for the forthcoming Yamaha MY8-LAKE card, bringing Lake Processing to Yamaha’s extensive line of digital audio mixing desks.

Perhaps more significantly is that Version 6 supports full integration with both Smaart 7 and WaveCapture’s Live-Capture.

The new plug-in support allows measurement traces from either platform to be shown directly within Lake Controller, enabling the user to configure and tune a system accordingly – all in real-time.

In addition to the long-awaited Smaart 7 integration, Lake support for WaveCapture’s suit of tools has been further enhanced (Live-Capture has been supported since Version 5 of Lake Controller). Now, filters can be defined and transferred directly any networked Lake device.

With Live-Capture Pro, several measurements can now be captured and averaged, with a defined target response, allowing the optimizer to find ideal placements of filters with which to achieve that target.

The WaveCapture program can then transfer theses filter parameters to the desired module or group overlay on the Lake devices.

For example, Live-Capture Pro can find optimal EQ-parameters to voice a sound reinforcement system towards a target response. The Room-mode analyzer is integrated with the optimizer and can generate filters to cure room resonances.



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