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Lab.gruppen Amplifiers At Heart Of Ongoing Audio Upgrade At Bahamas Resort

By PSW Staff January 16, 2012

Atlantis Bahamas, currently undergoing an audio upgrade with Lab.gruppen C Series amplifiers

With attractions including a 50,000-square-foot casino, one of the largest outdoor marine habitats in the world and “The Current,” a mile-long water ride that snakes through the resort, Atlantis Bahamas offers up impressive entertainment options.

The facility is currently undergoing an audio upgrade headed by Paradise Show and Design of Orlando, FL, with the resort’s aging power amplifiers being replaced with new Lab.gruppen C Series units.

To this point, 16 Lab.gruppen amps – C 28:4s and C 16:4s – have been implemented in five of the resort’s towers, including a portion of the opulent Atlantis Royal Towers. “They’re running almost all of the outdoor distributed audio now and they’re wonderful,” says Tim Strauss of Paradise Show and Design. “The main thing I like about Lab.gruppen is their clean sound, and the fact you can do virtually anything on their four-channel amps, right down to 70-volt systems.

“And if there is something wrong,” he adds, “they’ll tell you what’s going on, and that I love.” Having said that, given the size of the resort, tracking down a problem through miles of cable isn’t exactly a pleasure, he admits. “But in the long run, you know it’s done right.”

In addition to the guest room towers, Strauss is also beginning to install Lab.gruppen amplifiers elsewhere on the resort as part of a comprehensive new install at Atlantis’ latest swimming and socializing venue.



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