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JBL Loudspeakers Installed In The University of Notre Dame Purcell Pavilion

ESCO Communications upgraded the audio system part of the state-of-the-art facility upgrade.

By PSW Staff December 10, 2010

the Purcell Pavilion at the Joyce Center at the University of Notre Dame.

As part of a $24.7 million renovation to the home of University of Notre Dame basketball and volleyball, ESCO Communications, Inc. recently completed a JBL loudspeaker system installation in the Purcell Pavilion at the Joyce Center in South Bend, Indiana.

The nearly 10,000-seat arena, which opened its doors in 1968, is now a state-of-the-art facility for all of the student-athletes and fans to enjoy.

ESCO installed 16 JBL PD5322/95 full-range loudspeakers, eight PD5125 low-frequency loudspeakers and 12 ASB6128 high-power subwoofers for the main system, with five AC18 2-way loudspeakers for club level seating, eight AM5212/64 2-way loudspeakers and an additional four AC18’s for the scoreboard and VRX928 small-scale constant curvature line array loudspeakers for various performances.

“From the minute you walk into the Joyce Center until the minute you walk out, everything you hear is HARMAN,” said John Nonemaker of ESCO.

“The JBL team was always on hand and very helpful as we perfected the system to ensure the best sound fill for the Fighting Irish players and fans.”

The arena’s previously all-analog control booth was renovated to support digital processing for Masses, commencement, award ceremonies and live performances, as well as athletic events.

The control booth hosts a HARMAN-based arsenal with a completely custom Soundcraft Vi4 digital console, 27 Crown I-T5000HD and eight I-T9000HD amplifiers and BSS BLU-160 and 320 signal processing units. HARMAN’s HiQnet System Architect was utilized throughout the arena to easily bring all the sound elements together.

With a renovation on such a grand scale, coordinating every contractor’s time was one of the largest and most complicated tasks.

When the arena was ready for the sound system installation, the deadline for construction completion was two weeks away. ESCO completed the vast installation within two weeks with more than 1,000 man-hours logged in the books.

“The JBL speakers bring a very noticeable difference to the arena, especially after replacing the extensive horn system, which was previously the main source of music and public address,” continued Nonemaker.

“With a more powerful and better sounding system, fans not only receive a better show, but the university also provides top-of-the-line multi-purpose facilities for all to enjoy.” stated Paco Bayer, lead A/V technician, Athletic Department/Technical Services, University of Notre Dame.

“Part of the challenge in revamping the facility was to ensure the system for each unique event was flexible, easy to turn on and off.”

“HARMAN was very helpful with the customization of our arena and we had complete confidence in the system, come opening day.”

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