Haute Couture With Sound Projects New SP2-15 Subwoofer

By PSW Staff April 12, 2012

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ASL Belgium takes delivery of the first SP2-15, a new generation of elegant self powered sub low systems.

The new sub is loaded with two long hub 15” drivers powered by the combination of Sound Projects’ DALC speaker management electronics and proprietary 2500W Cool Class DTM power amps. This combination boasts an impressive 134dB SPL, augmenting the low-end response of any full range and high/mid system down to 30Hz. The cabinet is constructed of a rigid multiple layer cross grain birch ply wood and braced with multiple reinforcement ribs.

Belgium hire company ASL utilized their new SP2-15 at the recent 20th anniversary of Versa, a high fashion store in Antwerp. The event featured a fashion show followed by party all of which took place in the magnificent Antwerp train station.

ASL used 8 x SP2-15 subs, together with a number of distributed X-acts for the audience and the new Sound Projects X-tender monitors on the catwalk.

“The SP2-15’s are above expectations, it is not just the SPL that make the SP2-15 pleasant, but the character of sub,” explains Peter Ellegeest, engineer at ASL. “It’s the kind of sub that can be loud without being annoying. A pleasant smoothness that is punchy at the same time. I am really anxiously waiting for the new full range Diamond cabinet that Sound Projects is working on”.

The plug-and-play SP2-15 expands the Sound Projects Modular Bass Concept that allows the FOH designer a choice to emphasize system headroom below 60 Hz or the octave above 60 Hz with the SP2-10 horn bass units. Cosmetically interchangeable with all SPX systems, the SP2-15 will effortlessly add a tight kick to any rock concert as well as a fat old moog groove to a dance party.

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