FiberPlex Technologies Introduces WDM16 Active Wave Division Multiplexer

By PSW Staff April 27, 2012

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FiberPlex Technologies has released the WDM16, a 16-channel active wave division multiplexer that does not require optical wavelength matching, which allows users to use standard off the shelf equipment without worrying about having to have equipment operating at specific wavelengths. 

The WDM16 provides (16) Small Form Factor Pluggable (SFP) ports that can be loaded with any sort of optical laser of any speed or mode.

The WDM16 allocates the individual wavelengths for the CWDM by taking each input in (from 155MB to 2.5GB), regardless of wavelength, internally translating that wavelength to the assigned wavelength internally in the WDM16 for that channel, and multiplexing up to (16) of these channels for a maximum of 40GB on a single fiber.

The WDM16 is designed for use with the FiberPlex FOM series modules, FiberPlex Shadow enabled devices, or virtually any third party fiber optic equipment.

Is is equally at home as a stand-alone system allowing the user a quick, easy and economical way to increase the bandwidth of existing fiber optic infrastructure, or to limit the amount of fiber infrastructure necessary in any new construction where adding more fiber is cost prohibitive.

Available fully redundant, hot swappable power supplies insure reliability. Redundancy is carried even further to the channel level, where any single channel can fail without taking down the whole unit.

Additionally, the default failure mode of the communications microprocessor is to have all channels operate and fans run full. The WDM16 is ready for any mission critical application.

Wave division multiplexing can free up coveted fiber pairs, when dark fiber is scarce, and in new or retrofit installations it can provide considerable savings compared to the labor costs to pull new or extra fiber runs. The WDM16 is the ultimate solution for expansion of your fiber infrastructure.


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